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Thread: Quick newb question about pal game dumping (thats most likely been asked 1000 times)

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    Quick newb question about pal game dumping (thats most likely been asked 1000 times)

    Hey guies, I am late to jump on the bandwagon and I always hated Wii because of the motion controls but I have recently discovered Dolphin... So I am about to run out and grab a Wii, SD card, portable hard-drive, so on and so forth and start purchasing a library of games to move over to my PC. I'd prefer to do this legit ya know. So my question is...

    Can I dump Pal (euro) games on my American Wii using the home-brew system? Perhaps by launching the game with the gecko OS (or whatever) app?

    The rawdump post looks great but the disk drives seem... dated and not worth messing with. I plan on "trying" it with a game on my Voodoo Firebird just to see but I doubt it will work. If anyone has any relevant links they could shot my way it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    P.S. I will endeavor to keep reading in the forums but search don't work that well and there's a lot of stuff here, heh.

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    yes you can rip out of region games to your hdd with a modded wii. Follow the softmod any wii guide.

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