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Thread: softmod with hardmod installed problems

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    softmod with hardmod installed problems

    Hi, i'd like to start with saying thanks for the great tutorials and they have allowed me too softmod my wii.

    I purchased my wii with a hardmod installed and niece uses it to watch iplayer must have updated it as it was on 4.3e and it would not load games even originals like wiisports I just get "unable to read the disc" error. I checked online and i read posts that it was because of the wii update so decided to softmod which I have done.

    Now original games give the "unable to read disc" error and backups show the game name etc but when i select start I get "an error has occured press eject, remove the disc and turn power off"

    I am guessing that this is due to the hardmod interfering with the softmod so wanted advice on what to do.

    Thanks in advance


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    I managed to open the wii to find out what modchip but had to improvise to open the special safety screws.

    The modchip installed is a D2ckey with an actel cip on it and about a million wires.

    So I think the first question is does 4.3e stop this working causing the "unable to read disk error" and will this chip work alongside a softmod.

    Thanks in advance



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