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Thread: Problems with soft mod/hdd

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    Problems with soft mod/hdd

    I have been running my system on a soft mod for couple years now and did not come to any problems till recently when I replaced the hdd due to other one failing. I have updated everything I can think off but still having a problem. When the loader is loading it freezes on the screen where it detects the drive, I unplugged the drive and plugged it back in when the loader is looking for it and that makes it work most of the time. But having kids and them not being able to do that becomes an issue when Iím not around. Can any one please help me with this dilemma? Thank you

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    Make sure the Hdd is on the Compatibility List.
    The reason why I said to check the Compatible list, is because your drive might not be fully compatible.
    I have heard of drives doing this and I don't know of any real fix, but the work a round you mentioned.
    I would format the drive to Fat32, if you haven't already.


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