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    Wii Issues

    I did my 2 wii's following the softmod guide bc my older one the drive doesnt work. I have a friend who asked if I could softmod his wii bc his kids are scratching the disks. I agreed to do so. well this time when following the guide it seems like everything is updated to a newer version. My problem that I have is that the Hard drive I ordered for him doesnt work. but works fine on my wiis. So I thought maybe its just the Hard drive so I tried another one on his system that works on mine. no luck CFG doesnt run the games.. it can see the games but doesnt run them.. I have 3 different hard drives.. they all work fine on my 2 wiis but have issues on the other one.. I have already posted a system check and it all checked out fine. looking for other options. I went back through the softmod a second time and double check to make sure I did it correct both times.. still no luck any ideas out there?

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    Have you tried usb loader gx 3.0? Also have you installed anything like the D2X?

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    I get same results using usb loader as well. I dont know what d2x is... if it was included with the softmod guide then i guess i have it. if not then no. can i just copy my sd card in the other wii to get the older versions of cfg ? and work maybe or can you not downgrade.. i read somewhere if you downgrade you could brick the wii or something like that

    I click your guide and tutorials and seem something about dx2 there if install that will it fix my problems?
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