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Thread: Back in the scene after 3 years away

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    Back in the scene after 3 years away

    Fired up my Wii for the 1st time in 3 years, any links for getting me quickly up to speed? I first modded my console the day WiiKey shipped and I'm currently on 3.2 firmware and have my backups stored on an external that is loading through usbloader gx (or something like that, not near my wii right now). I soft-modded it with something a long time ago, don't rememeber what. I don't want to update the firmware till I've developed a clear plan of attack....are backups still able to be played online? Are people still using the usbloader? I remember it being pretty slick back in the day.
    I tried to attach my harddrive to my MacMini that is now running Lion but apparently WBFS doesn't work on Lion so I need a new way to access it.

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    Use the Softmod ANY Wii Guide by Mauifrog... I knew zero about modding and it worked like a charm. Read it a bunch of times like it says and then proceed. One note - and this could just be a problem with "my" wii.... but I had a 3.2U also and it would not recognize my Sandisk 2gb SD card. So I upgraded to 4.1 and followed that part of the guide. You can upgrade using a retail disc of a game that uses a certain corresponding System Menu. I used New Super Mario Bros to get to 4.1 - Wiki has a guide that shows every wii game and the System Menu that it will use. Best bet is to see if your SD works with 3.2 first - if not, I recommend upgrading.

    Here is this link to the guide: Softmod Any Wii

    It should work even though you have a chip - it's supposed to work on "any" wii.

    Good Luck!


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