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Thread: selling NTSC U Wii pre modded used about 8 times

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    selling NTSC U Wii pre modded used about 8 times

    Hello Here is my story. We recieved a NTSC wii as a present with wii sports included from a friend visiting Australia. Great we could play one game (luckily I never tried at that time to play any Aussie games). Then what do I do? Tried to learn how to download torrents etc.. Nope didn't have the right DVD recorder etc. Many a late night. My son got sick of playing wii sports pretty quickly decided to buy only NTSC games from ebay. Got one that held him for a while. Didn't really have time to bid on Ebay. He's only 9 and would have blown the paypal account out of the water.

    So learnt about modding sent the wii to OZ Modchips had a D29 Pro installed (can attach receipt if nec) then wow could play Raving Rabbids Pal game then of course he's sick of that. And low and behold 3 days ago his French Grandmother sends him a Mario Kart Pal (Don't know whether Pal Eu is different than Pal Aus) He pops it in while I'm at work. and bang it doesn't load I presume he presses OK to something now the spinning disc icon just spins and his NTSC game won't play either. Think that is semi bricking. Wait theres more

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    -,_-, uhhh odds are he messed with it in a way he shouldnt have

    Mario Kart needs a exact update, blah blah blah you can easily fix it with homebrew =P but i doubt you want to deal with that so good luck uhh selling?

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    selling NTSC

    so I want to sell it. It has never had homebrew or any thing from the internet on it. I would really like to exchange it with a Pal wii and don't want to let it go for nothing but it would be great for someone who knows what they are doing.

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    Hmm I am reading your how to do everything posts for newbies. Could you paste me the red links to exactly what i should do to fix it Pleease. Its ntsc sitting on 3.3u but says unable to read even a ntsc game an od one mind u

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    ntsc wi for sale

    Admiral could you take of my sell ad post at the top of this thread

    I have fixed the Wii !!!!!!!!
    Now just have to learn how to do what eva with the Mario Kart pal game going back your tutorials about mario kart patching

    I don't want to sell it or throw it away like I did at 3.00am this morning

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    i moved it to the problem forum, im happy i could help!

    the key to fixing all problems are as always CONFIDENCE AND READING!


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