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Thread: Forwarder works on one wii but not the other?

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    Forwarder works on one wii but not the other?


    I was modding a wii for a friend. I gave him the same setup as mine. Same system menu.
    Neither have boot2 or dvd playback. Neither had any bad blocks during the bootmii nand backup. The only difference is his is black and mine is white

    So....I was installing forwarder wads and one that works on mine will not install on his. Both wad manager and multimod mod manger spit out an error(ret ==1035).

    The forwarder is a vectrex one made by mastershoes, I can upload it to dropbox if anyone wants it.
    Its not a bad transfer, because I downloaded it from the site and then when that didn't work extracted it from my other wii's nand. Other vectrex forwarders work fine. But I liked this one.

    What's the deal here? Why won't this thing install on his but works on mine just fine?
    Has this happened to anyone else? Can it be fixed so I can use the forwarder?
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    that error code means that a Title with a higher version is already installed. Strange error to get for a forwarder, is there already something installed with the same id as what you are trying to install? Maybe you extracted the wrong thing or its a bad extraction.

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    According to showmiiwads:
    The title ID is DVXA, Version 1
    region free
    path: 00010001\44565841
    Content : 3

    The other working forwarder (that I uninstall before trying to install this one) also has the same title ID.

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    I'm just curious if anyone has a solution for this
    Like I said it is not a transfer problem

    Since this post I have installed the wad on another wii and it works fine but it still will not install on one of them.


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