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    Us Netflix Problem

    I have a softmod WII and am having a problem with Netflix. While watching a movie, maybe 12 to 15 minutes the screen goes black and says loading with the reds progress bar. The bar mostly hangs but some times loads again only for the process to repeat it self. My ISP speed is 25mb and I have a Netgear r6300 router. The QoS for the mac on the Wii is set to highest so i don't think it is a bandwidth problem. Nexflix plays fine on laptop and desktop even droid phone! I'm at a loss, have uninstalled and reinstall channel. Is there a file on the sd i can delete to wipe netflix and start over or a solution? Thanks

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    It definitely sounds like a network issue to me. I would try disabling QoS and see if that helps. Any issues with anything else? Playing games online, etc?

    Are the other deviced wired or wireless? You may have to try changing the wireless channel to a different one, as there could be some interference causing the issue. Also, how far away IS the wireless ap from the Wii? You may just be getting a junk signal...

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    Thanks for the response! The desktop is wired and the laptop and droid are wireless with no issues. I can play an entire movie on my droid without any problem by on the Wii it stops after 12 minutes or so and the screen goes black with a loading bar. This started about two months ago while I was still using my old wireless router D-Link 625. I replaced the router with the R6300 but still have problems. No issues with playing online games. Router is fifteen feet away from Wii in same room. Router is on channel 11 the other signals in area are 6.


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