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Thread: wbfs manager not working

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    Unhappy wbfs manager not working

    Ok, followed the WBFS manager thread and go absolutely nowhere. I'm also a little less then impressed that previous postings I've made get views, but no answers. I am thinking I may have to find a new forum where people actually want to help us n00bs out, and make things more easy to understand in simple terms.

    I downloaded, and extracted the WBFS.exe file to my desktop. When I went to run the program, all I got was the cmd prompt for a few seconds and then it went away.

    I am using Windows 7 starter, on an Acer Aspire One notebook. 350gig harddrive.

    I went through ever line, of the WBFS manager thread and nothing there stood out as a way for this program to help me partition my 4gig flash drive, since I haven't gotten an answer if I can partition and use my laptop with the Wii. I used the Configurable USB Loader that came with the soft mod, and I can only format the whole flash drive to WBFS, not partition it. I have saved games I ripped to my laptop, that I want to put on the flash drive to play, but it will not be recognized at all when I insert it into my laptop.

    I'm really sick of download different programs that do the same things, and none are with in my grasp to understand how they work, or work when directions are followed exactly to the "t".

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    I am a noob but I have had better luck with Wii Back up Manager. Not sure why you can't get WBFS manager to run, I didn't have any problems on a Win7 laptop but Wii back up Manager has come in handy since it can use wbfs file (wbfs manager only coverts iso to wbfs and cant read wbfs) and I aslo had a backup that WBFS manager errored out on while Wii backup Manager handles it with no issues.

    As far as partitioning a flash drive, it's a pain. Why do you want to do partition anyway?

    From what I have figured since starting to hack the wii a couple of days ago is that FAT32 is preferred, but so far I have used WBFS off an 8GB SDHC Flash card with no problems. Of course windows can't read it which I guess is the main downfall, but Wii backup Manager has been fine for reading it and copying games to it.

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    Ahh well, I figured with the tech-talk of partitioning drives for a wbfs format partitioned area for games. I already have it formatted to FAT32, but the games I put on there, are not recognized when I use any of the three/four USB loaders I have installed on my wii. When using Configurable USB Loader, it says it can't read WBFS partition, which isn't there to begin with, and none of the games I put on there are visible. As fpr the Wii Backup Manager? I did that when I modded the wii, I think, it was part of the hack any wii guide if I am not mistaken...didn't know there was a separate program I could use on my laptop.

    I ripped my games to isos then converted them to wbfs format for back ups. Basically want to make sure that if I lose the physical copy, I have a virtual copy handy. Mario Party 8 for example. I have the file for it on my lap top, add it to my flash drive, but isn't recognized by anything that came with the soft mod. I lend games out to my friends so having them on my laptop to start makes it easier when I want to play, while they have the hard copy.

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    do this . reformat your flash drive to fat 32. create a file on the root of the flash drive called wbfs . put your converted wbfs files in there, not on the root of the drive. your usb loaders will look in the wbfs FOLDER for you games. after putting said games in wbfs FOLDER. , plug yur stick back into port zero on your wii. turn on wii. launch cfg usb loader, and let me know if it works. if you already have files in wbfs format you dont need a game manager drag and drop works just fine {you know drag from your p.c. hard drive right onto your usb stick.}
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    Is there a reason why the CFG USB loader would say "Partition: NTFS1 not found! Select a different partition or format WBFS partition"? Regardless, it worked. Thank you so much for that information SourAlien! Now if you could just tell me if using my Laptop with my Wii would work, since I've tried multiple times to get it to work, I haven't been able to format a partitioned part of the HDD to FAT32 though.

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    uh im pretty sure that using your laptop is a dead end bro, sorry. buy a drive man youll love every thing you can do with it.

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    I definitely will when I have the dough to get one. Again man, thanks for all the information.


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