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Thread: Save online games end please

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    Angry Save online games end please

    that video is really funny but seriously i have got the desire to work through this if you can just answer this question please, I will stop asking stupid questions if you can just answer this question please.

    Ok then can you just answer this message please (asap would be best).
    What is exploiting thing for wii system because i do not know/what do i need to do aswell(my wii is up to date i think its something like 4.1 but it is updated to the max)?

    The other thing is that, it is as easy as that then You paster the hbc onto sd,put sd into wii,install hbc on wii console from sd,go on hbc,install priiloader & remove the copy protection,go on savegame manger,copy over my wii save games which use wifi(black ops, conduit 2 & mario kart) & after doing that it means im done. Yes or No? WITHOUT FORMATTING SD CARD

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    My bad, I forgot to add DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER POST ABOUT THIS OR IT WILL BE READING ROOM FOR YOU to the other post.

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    If your wii was updated to the max (Latest System Menu) then you would be on 4.3, not 4.1.

    You could just follow the Soft Mod Any Wii Guide.
    No, it's easier then it looks.
    Keep the Guide Open as you do it.
    Have A Look Here , Maybe This will give you a better understanding of everything.

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