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Thread: Exceptional Error (isi) , reset ???

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    Exceptional Error (isi) , reset ???

    I keep getting this error, i have tried deleting,re loading apps but i still have problems.

    My usb loader kept getting the error, i am now using wiiflow and it seems to be working.

    I had to re-download sega emu i think its working just my new classic controller didnt work with sonic controls.

    But now wiimc is getting the error, and my mplayerce melts every time i load it.

    Is there a way to solve this problem or how to reset it so it works how it used to and re add programs. My nin emu works.

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    I tried to use syscheck i think i updated the last item on its list and now syscheck wont load due to isi. So now i should use modmii ? And if that fails i rehack the wii ? And if that fails whats apps and files can i delete to try and get rid of whats making it not work ?

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    Are your apps on an SD card? It sounds like your card may have gone tango-uniform....

    Try reformatting the card and/or using a new card.

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    Thanks, so i drag and drop the files i need to desktop format sd card then put them back on ?

    Well i have taken my usb stick and classic controller away when using and see if it is still working today, at least mplayerce isnt melting anymore... I think part of the errors are when using the controller during menu screens, hopefully i shouldnt have problems now apart from emu games sega not responding to controller...


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