Is it possible to use my Acer Aspire One Notebook, with Partitioned Hard Drive as a viable source for USB connection to my Wii? I have a posted about getting my WiiSX to work with a USB drive, but after following the Hack Any Wii thread, I now am having issues figuring out how to get the USB loaders/Forwarders to recognize my Laptop. If this is not possible, I guess I will just have to hold off on being able to use my hacked Wii for any other purpose then Netflix. I thought this would be an easy thing to do, and make happen since I only want to use my Wii to play the WiiSX, and hopefully have it save the games I am playing properly. I have been having issues with getting the WiiSX via my SD card to actually save games, or having the Save-State function work at all, with out freezing a reloaded state.