Hi all, I'm quite the n00b, and yet I am patient enough to wait for a reply, so please Mods, staff, and any understand, I am not some guy who just wants answers as fast as possible.

My name is Marshall, and I'm from America, and love my Wii, how ever, having come across the Soft-Modding of my Wii, the use of HomeBrew, and its respective applications, I am at a loss and would like some help getting all my PS1 games to save properly via WiiSX to my USB HDD. I have done my research and so far have been able to get the WiiSX I downloaded straight from HomeBrew Channel/Browser to play all the games I've ripped..I have ripped my PS1 games to the .bin files necessary to get the games to run through the Emulator, yes..I do own all the copies of the games, so please don't think that I am using pirated games.

I have been able to play the games as I stated, but unfortunately the games won't save, nor will the save states function properly. When I play the games there is no jumping, or choppy graphics, but when I go to save the games, via the In-game "Save points" I get dump codes, I think that is where I am at a loss. When I go to use the auto-save, save-state features, most of the time, the games fail to save, and if they do save via this feature, when I go to reload the game, the game stalls/freezes up. I'm not sure what other information I need to give in order to make this sound easy to understand. I've gone through the same sites that showed me how to set up my Wii, but none have given any insight as to why this issue is occurring.

(side note, my ps1/ps2 are both broke, and so am I, so I can't afford to buy another console to play them)
I would also like to know if there is a way I can use a USB HDD to run my WiiSX, games, etc etc, instead of using my SD card, I only have a 2gig, and would like to keep that freed up for other things I may save to the Wii(games purchased through the Shop Channel). Any and all information would be helpful.

If I have went against any forum rules, I apologize in advance, but its been about 3 days now of searching the internet and there does not seem to be any sites that offer a solution to this issue of saving/playing games through the USB.

If anyone needs more information about what I am doing I can gladly give that information too.

Thank you, and apologizing in advance.