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Thread: HDMI Out of Range

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    HDMI Out of Range

    Hi all, I recently got a generic Wii2HDMI converter (no upscaling) and i set my wii to 480p and widescreen. I can play wii games fine, but when I try play gamecube games (they play fine) but a dialog on my monitor is displayed and won't go away:

    "HDMI OUT OF RANGE 15.7 KHz / 60 Hz".

    The game plays fine but this dialog won't go away. I'm assuming it's because my monitor can't display the low resolution that gamecube games use. Is there a way to force the resolution to be increased so my monitor accepts it (I've tried Force 480p in USB loader GX settings, same problem)


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    Have you tried changing the frequency on your monitor to 60Hz? Also try a better quality HDMI cable. For some reason (maybe the adapter) your monitor isn't getting the right signal or frequency range. You could also try turning off the 480P for gamecube games.


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