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Thread: Mario Kart - No color and screen doesn't fit

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    Mario Kart - No color and screen doesn't fit

    Hello - I am new to all of this stuff. I downloaded and burnt Mario Kart. The game works fine except the game is bigger than my TV screen so the bottom of the game is cut off. also the game is in black and white. am i doing something wrong? is it my TV settings? I tried to change my wii setings, but it won't let me select 480p it is stuck in 480i.

    Another small problem is that when i exit out of the game to the main menu, the wii sits idle. i have to unplug it and then plug it back in to get it to restart.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    boot in gecko OS, and force settings...

    if that doesnt work... then try reburning or getting a new ISO

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    I ahd same problem. My wii is NTSC and I had a backup that was pal so what i did was go into the backup loader gamma options and force NTSC and color and picture was no longer messed up.

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    i found MK_PAL running fine on a chip-modded 3.3J Wii console.
    no Launcher, no Gecko...

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    Weird... I would think it's something wrong with your TV, but you said your Wii sits idle? You can't even hold the power button down until it turns red?


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