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Thread: DIOS MIOS booter showing "Exception (DSI) occured!"

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    Smile DIOS MIOS booter showing "Exception (DSI) occured!"

    So I am loading Mario Party 7 off of my USB drive (which I own the retail disc) using the DIOS MIOS booter. The booter reconizes it on my USB but when I hit A to start it I get:

    Exception (DSI) occured!
    *random codes*
    *random codes*
    *random codes*

    Please help? Also USB Loader GX doesnt even find the game, which I don't know why, or if that is irrelevant or not. Thanks guys!

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    "Exception (DSI) occured!" means that DIOS MIOS booter is crashing.

    You may need to find another booter.


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