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Thread: Problems with Kirby Dreamland and Mario Party 9

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    Question Problems with Kirby Dreamland and Mario Party 9

    Hello Gamers Im in need of some help ive been backing up my disc games via USB (Configurable USB LOADER) device so i can just launch via USB Loaders but im having a problem Kirby dreamland wont rip to my USB Neither will Mario party 9 They arnt original discs they are back ups as i dont have the original discs . Ive also been reading and noticing its probably cios 250 i need instead of running 249 Im not sure how to go about it or what to install. Please help!


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    The Images could be bad.
    It should also be noted, that Does Not Support Piracy.
    You also have all the Updated Ios's/Cios's Needed to play all games.

    I am Sorry but I do Need to Shut this Thread Down, Because of the implication's of Piracy.


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