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    3ds playing video

    Hiya, I have a 3ds but with not hacked. I have downloaded an avi file and am mp4 files, how would i get one of them onto the sd card and play on the 3ds. Its saying its too large when i try and add it to it. can someone point me in the right direction, cheers

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    Hi, you need to use a flashcart to play the videos. if you want to play avi and mp4 videos, you need to buy a DStwo flashcart, this one: Supercard DSTwo Best flashcard for DS DSi 3DS you can also buy other flashcarts, such as ak2i or r4i gold 3ds, but they only can play dpg format videos, you need to convert the mp4, avi to dpg format.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    There is no wonder dstwo is the most powerful card ,if you want play games,listen music ,watch video even read ebooks on your 3DS,then dstwo is right for you.It can support many video /Music format .What's more,with this card,you can play GBA or SNES games as well.
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