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Thread: Plz Help!

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    Question Plz Help!

    Hello Experienced Gamers and Noobs! Im Having a problem when i play back up games in Neo Gamma R9 B56 when i go to launch game via DVD I get No Patch Found Then it says the disc could not be read. Refer to the Wii Operations Manual. I as Back up Launchers I Have Neo Gamma Wii Flow, Configurable USB LOADER and USB LOader GX eventually i would like to Just load games via USB Device. Can someone please Help?

    I have system menu 4.2U

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    most wiis cannot read burned games, unless you have an old wii this is probably your issue.

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    Hey lol, you seem quite enthused and lost about this.
    If you would want to use your discs and back them up here's a good idea listing:1) Post a sysCheck, unless you're certain you've followed this guide to Softmod Any Wii

    How to post a quick SysCheck

    2) Download this program called CleanRip from this source.
    3) Extract to the folder SysCheck162
    4) Insert your SD Card into your PC
    5) Copy/Paste /apps/Cleanrip OUT of the file folder, that was extracted, into your apps folder in your SD Card.
    6) Run this program on your wii, after pulling the SD Card from your PC.
    7) Attempt to rip a Wii-CD, and it'll create an ISO file..

    This is where I need to pause because there are two options here, and I really need to know what kind of formatting you're running on your USB Stick, if it's NTFS, then you'll need to convert the game with Wii Backup Manager and put it in a folder called "wbfs", if it's in FAT32, then I'll have to review the guide on how to get the ISO working on that format-style.

    Hope this helps love


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