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Thread: Confused noob just getting started

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    Confused noob just getting started

    My ultimate goal is to add an external hdd to my wii for back-up storage. Like other's have mentioned, I've a child that belives that Wii disks make great drink coasters. Already had to have a couple resurfaced to eliminate the scratches. For budget reasons I have to do this all in stages. So my first goal is to get Homebrew installed. This seems like a good place to start my venture into hacking my wii.

    Where I'm getting confused is conflicting advice in the sticky's that I've read on this site. One sticky says I need an SD card formated to fat32, another says sdhc is okay. And I'm also wondering if I should use a dedicated card for all my hacking efforts and not touch the one I already have in my console?

    While I'm not ready yet to install the hdd. (This I'm calling stage 2) I am researching/reading about it. Where I'm getting confused is which file system to use. One sticky says to split what ever dirve I get into two partitions, one being fat32 and the other being WBFS. Yet another sticky claims that I should only use fat 32. Which is best?

    My next quandry has to do with usb ports. I understand that I will need to use the bottom/left (the one closest to the edge) for my eventuall hdd addition. This leaves just one usb port for everything else. Can I use a USB multi-port on this? So I can plug the two microphones my wife and daughter use and the usb powered rechargable battery station I wanna get next into it? Or will this cause issues?



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    About the format used for installing wii backup games
    it really depends on what game launcher you decide to use. for usb hard drives you can't go wrong with "USB Loader GX 3.0" or NeoGamma. I like USB Launcher GX, it has a nice gui(graphical user interface) and just a finished feel to it, and if you like them there are tons of skins, though i think the original ui looks best. Both support WBFS formatted, and i think usb launcher supports fat32. I have yet to hear of a launcher that does not support WBFS formatted drives.

    In the end you really can't go wrong by choosing fat32 or wbfs just as long as your launcher supports the choice, one thing to keep in mind is that you will need a different program to read your wbfs drive (try Wiii Backup Manager) , your computer will tell you you need to format the drive before you can read it because they usually don't recognize wbfs Do not format it, just manage your backups with a wii backup managing software.

    As for splitting the drives into different partitions, I have no idea if you need to do that (i feel like you will only need to do this if your disk is very large in size like 16gb vs 350gb vs 1tb) , i do know that i used a 16 gb micro sdhc card with a usb adapter to store backups for a while it was formatted to wbfs, and i did not partition it into pieces it worked. that but you might want to partition it just so one partition can be read by your computer and used to store personal data like movies and music. Use a program called "EaseUS Partition Master 9.1.1 Home Edition" it's simple and easy to use i created a 90gb partition for my 350gb "my passport" drive and a fat32 partition because some disk rippers for the wii (like clean rip only reads ntsf and fat32) wont use wbfs and, i can then rip the disk and view the files within the stock windows explorer. make sure if you do partition your disk to set the wbfs it to primary instead of logical and make the partition active do the same to any partitions you want your computer and launchers to be able to recognize in explorer. USB launcher can recognize logical drives and primary, some launchers only recognize primary and your computer will probably need a different program to view the partition instead of in explorer.

    I prefer game installing using usb launcher, no computer is needed to backup your games to a hdd. just click install, and wait about 10 minutes and its done.

    -Fat32, NTSF, & WBFS can all be used in wii game launchers,
    -with a wbfs partition you will not be able to view backup files or place them onto the partition without the use of a wbfs managing program
    -fat32 and ntsf are not supported on all launchers, wbfs is on most, well atleast i haven't seen one that didn't support wbfs
    -USB loader GX 3.0 supports installation of games, wbfs, and i think fat 32. NeoGamma supports wbfs

    some good game launchers:
    neo gamma-i like it and would use it if needed, supports gamecube and wii games
    cfg usb loader-i use it and prefer it, supports wii and gamecube games
    usb loader gx

    i apologize for the scattered order of my writing, sometimes i will get off topic and start a new one then continue it later. good luck for soft modding your wii i would recommend trying modmii

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    Check this out, I skimmed over alexsu25's post, and I'll just unscramble and add in my own thoughts here:

    1) Installing Homebrwew Etc, the guide to Softmod ANY Wii, great start.
    2) Initially, using an SD[no HC] Card here is recommended to help you START the guide... from my experience, i've had no problems installing the HBC etc with a c4-SDHC MICRO SD haha, but some people have, so it's trial and error here.
    3) Your SD card WILL need to be partially dedicated... It'll be needed until you get a USB Stick/HDD formatted to fat32 or partitioned. Here's the result's I've used to get out of SD Card usage:
    HDD formatted to: FAT32/NTFS. I've never used WBFS, nor will I try it because to a regular OS, this partition is practically invisible.. So as a wii backup holder, GREAT, otherwise, horrible...
    5) CORRECT! Your USB Port understanding is absolutely correct! USB Port 0 is it's initial name, and that is the port you will be using.

    I've posted a small listing here for you to use, I've posted on another post.

    [spoiler="Rip from Post"]
    1. NAND Backup: LINK-GUIDE!
    2. Configure Priiloader: LINK-GUIDE! (Happens with part 1)
    3. Install new CIOS: LINK-GUIDE!
    4. Reformat HDD: LINK-GUIDE! or like I said Fat32/NTFS, this setup is moderately strange to understand, but the idea is FAT32 controlls your apps after you've finished the guide. It'll need to be in FAT32/32kb clusters... Primary, and active. This covers all the way from playing gamecube games to interacting with your apps.
    5. Install WiiFlow: LINK-FILE! (This is apparently the most updated file I can find. You'll know how to install this after you go through guide 1. I'm a fan of USB Loader myself. We'll go through with the updates for the Loader GX)

    [spoiler="Skeptical?"]Everytime I update u on a post, I download ALL of the files I need to help you install, and head straight to my wii to test them... I put my system at risk to help you out, so if I seem unsure, I'll get there... Don't criticize.
    <----Hit the "Thanks" button if I've offered some helpful advice! W00t!

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    Thanks for all the great advice folks! I will add this information to my notes. For the record, before posting I've already read many of the sticky's here. And will more then likely read them many more times before I attempt at doing anything.

    I would like to explain something that I feel pertains to the why's behind why I am doing all this. On a personal level I would concider myself rather frugal. (or cheap if you so desire to call me) How does this apply to me modding my wii? Well for staters I always buy used games. Either at garage sales, local re-sale shops, or even craigslist if the price is right. This means I've well over 200 games already in our family's collection. For this reason I am leaning towards a 1TB USB drive when the time comes. (WD Essentials is a good choice per what folks have said on here). This concerns me because as I understand it WBFS only recognizes 500 games at most.

    One question that wasn't answered in my first post is.... Can I use a multi-port usb dongle on the upper Wii usb slot? Since my future HDD will be installed into the other one, I need places to plug in 2 microphones, recharging base, and any other future use I haven'tL thought of yet.

    Of course if it is possible, that would make me wonder.... If I can use more then one back-up hdd???


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    I was wondering why I wasn't getting any responce to wheither or not I could use a "multi-port ubs dongle". What I really ment was, can I use a hub? Powered or unpowered? This what happens when you try to do too much at once! Just wasn't concentrating.

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    sadly no dongles are supported... As far as I'm concerned I believe they all need driver software installation for then to work, a feature not concurrent with the wii's standalone os... Sorry for the late response
    [spoiler="Skeptical?"]Everytime I update u on a post, I download ALL of the files I need to help you install, and head straight to my wii to test them... I put my system at risk to help you out, so if I seem unsure, I'll get there... Don't criticize.
    <----Hit the "Thanks" button if I've offered some helpful advice! W00t!

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    Okay, I should have done some googling first before asking about using a usb hub. According to's website, yes you can. Although they do recommend if you are using a wired network access, that it should go strait into to a wii's port, and not through a hub.


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