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Thread: usb loading freeze.

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    usb loading freeze.

    my hdd was working perfectly then just suddenly stopped.
    its a wd passport 250gb and worked flawlessly formatted fully in wbfs .i selected it from the compatibility list and purchased it about a year ago.
    when i go to load the drive it starts the process of indentifying files etc and then when it gets to the loading usb it freezes resulting in a hard reset.
    i can read the drive perfectly in my computer using wbfs manager 3.0.i can still add and remove games from the drive so it puzzles me as to why the wii suddenly stopped recognising it.i use a forwarder to launch usb gx but dont think that matters.
    i formatted a usb thumb drive to wbfs and it loads perfectly.
    any suggestions?.
    p.s i really dont want to wipe it and reformat if i can help it.

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    Sorry to tell you this, but it sounds like your HDD will need to be Re-formatted.
    Seeing how you said you tried a Usb thumb drive and it worked perfectly.

    If you decide to format the HDD, follow the Fat32 Guide.

    Wbfs is an old file system and we recommend Fat32.

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    thanks for the reply jax.
    i feared that was going to be the answer.
    i was under the impression back when i modded the wii that wbfs was the best format and in fairness it has worked flawlessly up till now.ill have a look at the fat 32 guide and make a decision on whether to change.


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