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Thread: Acquired a previously soft modded Korean Wii, start from scratch?

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    Acquired a previously soft modded Korean Wii, start from scratch?

    Hi everyone!

    Please know that all of this hacking of Wiis business is completely foreign to me. I followed one instruction I found here where it said "load this file", I downloaded it, then looked at it with "what the heck am I supposed to do with this? Burn it?" I am, however, an IT person by trade, so I pick this stuff up easily.

    A friend of mine gave me his old Wii. It is a white Korean Wii and is likely quite old. On the menu screen it has homebrew, SoftChipr92m and neogamma (with another neogamma with a 002 fix?). It is running version 4.0u.

    Ultimately, I'd like to play North American region games and Netflix. All of the tutorials I have seen here don't seem relevant to the type of mod my Wii has.

    Do I start from scratch? How? Should I? Is it salvageable? I'm lost.

    Many thanks!

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    Yes, you certainly can re-hack your Wii (and you probably should, just to make sure everything is kosher). Since you're an IT guy, you will no doubt gain a tremendous benefit by doing some required reading! Yay! ;-) Afterwards you should be a lot more knowledgeable on the subject and ready to think about hacking your Wii.

    Thinking about hacking a wii? Start here! [A basic introduction to Wii hacking]

    Brick Prevention - Things you should NEVER do
    Installing PriiLoader to Block Online and Disc Updates
    Softmod ANY Wii Guide - THE Guide of Guides when it comes to hacking a Wii.

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    How do I first unmod it? I can't find anything about softchipr92m that's in English. I'm more of a hardware "guy". Programming in general isn't particularly my cup of tea

    I've read through some of your listed tutorials. I'll spend some more time on it tonight, I think.
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    Cool. No need to un-mod the Wii, the steps in the Softmod Any Wii guide will overwrite everything that it needs to. You'll run more of a risk of bricking the Wii by attempting to remove the existing mod rather than just overwrite it.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    Was able to follow the guide just fine (after finding a 2gb SD card... THAT what the biggest challenge!). I'm now working on getting Netflix up and running, but everything else seems to be working fine.

    Thanks for the help!

    ETA: The only thing I'm getting stuck on now is playing local games (got Netflix to work!). I popped in Skyward Sword and it says a "system update must be done before being able to play this title". I could have sworn I saw an option in Priiloader for this, so I downloaded a new version, installed it, booted it up, but when I go into the menu hacks area, it says "can't find hacks.ini" or something to that effect. Reinstalled Priiloader, same deal. Any ideas?

    Edit 2: Found the hacks.ini file, disabled updates and enabled region free games and it works! Yay!
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    Awesome!! Glad to hear everything is working for ya!


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