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Thread: Help set up custom wii

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    Help set up custom wii

    hey guys ive had my wii softmodded for a couple of years now but all ive ever used it for is running back ups with cheats using gecko os.
    but i was wonderinf if you guys could help me in suggesting some programs to use to mode my wii a bit more.
    like customing the wii dashboard etc etc
    in other words to custom it to get every last bit of goodness out of it.

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    Customizing the wii menu screen , you would have to be careful.
    If you don't have a Boot2 capable wii, I would suggest staying away from theme's.(You Could Brick)
    If you haven't already installed emulators, that would be a great add on to the wii...I mean who doesn't love Nostalgia games.
    Also look in to WiiMc, for playing movies from your HDD.

    This link supports the New Wiimotes for Emulators/WiiMc.-Link Wii Remote Plus Combo

    Please Note The Theme Guide is Outdated
    This is a Link to Theme your wii.Do Not do this ,if you don't Have Boot2 installed.Theme Guide For wii's 3.2 to 4.2
    I would Google to see if you can find an updated Guide for theme's.


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