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Thread: My wii turns off whenever I try to load the homebrew channel

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    My wii turns off whenever I try to load the homebrew channel

    So I'm new at modding/hacking the wii, but out of nowhere my wii just shuts off when I try to load the homebrew channel and I'm not sure why. Up to this point it was working fine. I can still play games on it but not the games on my hard drive. So please help me. Any help would be great. Thank you!

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    Was your wii updated?
    Could you post a syscheck.

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    I doubt it. I had priloader block updates.

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    Does it just shut off (ie, the hard drive powers down and the Wii lights turn red), or does it black screen and lock-up?

    Also, can you load your USB launcher through the forwarder channel? Are your HBC apps on the hard drive or a SD card?

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    It shuts off completely, but the Wii lights don't turn red it just turns off. I tried launching the USB through the channel, but for some reason it just stays on the loading screen. My HBC apps are on a SD card.

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    Hmmm... do you need to pull the power cable to get it to turn back on, or does it just come on as soon as you press power?

    What type of USB drive are you using? Is it powered through the USB port of does it have an external power brick?

    Lastly, have you tried a different SD card?

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    Yes I need to pull the power cable to turn it back on. I am using an WD My Passport external hard drive. It's powered through the usb port. I haven't tried to use a different SD card since I only have the one I have in the Wii.

    Okay, I don't know what happened, but I turned on my Wii today and using bootmii I went to the homebrew channel and it loaded up fine.
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    I have a suspicion that the USB drive may be pulling too much power through the USB port at times. Do you have anything else plugged into the USB ports? Cooling fans, Skylander's portal, etc?

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    No, just my external hard drive.

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    Hmmm... well, as long as it's working there's not much else that we can research. Keep us posted if this should happen again.

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