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Thread: External hard drive advice pretty please

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    External hard drive advice pretty please

    Hiya, I have a block xbox 360. My pc has broken down, i normaly view video files on my xbox360 using tversity but as i cant i wondered if i could attatch the external hard drive that is full to the xbox via the usb drive and play the files on the xbox that way. I am totaly stuck, any advice very much welcomed, cheers

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    i wouldn't recommend it. the moment you attach the HDD to the 360 it will want to format it or possibly lock the drive messing everything up on it

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    ah right. i wonder how is the best way to use the hard drive then. Can you use it through a wii? i just want to watch whats on it but dont have a pc anymore

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    you could hook it up to the wii and use wiiMC. but i don't know what file types it supports. i know it will support the common ones though

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    i think its all avi on there. i will give it a go. where would i get wiimc from and do i just put it on the sd root? cheers

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    you can download it here

    you would place it in the apps folder on the SD card sd:\apps\


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