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Thread: What is the best USB Loader?

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    What is the best USB Loader?

    I have Wiiflow, USBLoader GX and Configurable USB Loader installed. I mostly use Wiiflow because I think it has the coolest interface, but several games won't run on it. Whenever that happens I use USB Loader GX (which seems to be the most stable loader, according to my experience). I barely use the CFG because I think it has the worst/ugliest interface of all.

    So, is there any consistent difference between these three loaders? Am I missing something not using CFG or GX?

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    GX seems to be my favourite right now just for the fact that it has the channel layout out and plus you can view all gametypes (wiiware,VC,wii and GC games) at the same time unlike wiiflow where they section all the gametypes off. i like CFG because it the one loader that gets updated the most. i like wiiflow's interface too but i find it doesn't get updated as often as the other 2

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    I've had the best luck with USB Loader GX as well. I love the broad interface and the DML interface. This loader also seems to be very swift to quick diagnosis, sometimes. Though once it's running, if nothing's altered, it stays running
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    I'm back with GX. Looks amazing. And, now, i have to learn how to put some GC Games on the HDD. Good stuff.

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    Where can I download the latest versions of each loader?

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    I personally use CFG just because it was the most stable. I do agree that GX, out of the box, looks the best, however, I always end up with a game or two that won't run on GX, and since I have a lot of kids playing the Wii, I figured it's best to have stability over shiny.....

    CFG looks good if you dress it up with a few themes, although, I will admit, that I didn't like any of the available themes, so I made my own.


    It also randomly loads a plethora of songs at startup, such as Woodpecker from Mars by Faith No More, Marooned, Great Gig in the Sky, and Echoes by Pink Floyd, Flying by the Beatles, and Little Wing my Stevie Ray Vaughn. Pretty happy with the results.

    Now, if only CFG could do NAND emulation then they could change it's name to the Perfect USB Loader.....

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