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    I have tried to format my sd card to fat32, it wouldnt do it so i bought a brand new one, sandisk 2gb. It still wont format, anyone got any ideas and can explain (simply) what i need to do now, thanks. Also can you direct me to a simple 3DS hacking tutorial, i have done it once ages ago on other ds's but i can't really remember how i did it. I have the acecard 2i. Cheers in advance

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    Try this Panasonic SD Formatter: if you already have a acekard 2i, if it is still working, it should be work on the 3DS, by the way, what is your 3DS sytem now, because currently ak2i can not work on the latest 3DS V4.3.0-10. if your 3DS is on this firmware, you should buy another udpated flashcart instead. After you tell me the detials, i will know whether you need to update your ak2i.
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    Its version 4.3.0-10e so does that mean i need to buy another flashcard? it was working fine but my other half took it out and formatted and updated the 3ds, what an idiot!! Can you down grade the 3ds to a verios i can use my acekard 2i on? cheers

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    yeah, the ak2i can not work on the V4.3.0-10 3ds, and you can not downgrade the 3ds, so all you can do is to wait until the ak2i releases the update patch or buy another card which can work on your latest 3ds, such as r4i gold 3ds fromn r4ids,cn here: R4i Gold 3DS Wood R4i 3DS flashcard For DS DSi 3DS
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.


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