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Thread: Usb Loader Gx Gamecube Backups Help required

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    Usb Loader Gx Gamecube Backups Help required

    Hi all,

    I have a wii and am using Usb Lader Gx 3.0 with no issues at all loading games through my 2tb hard drive.
    I have dumped a few gamecube games from disc to hard drive and am wanting to make backups to dvd of those games.
    I connected the hard drive to my main pc and used image burn to select the game and burnt it to dvd at 2.4 speed using verbatim dvds.
    When inserted into a chipped gamecube they do not play.
    Can someone please assist me?


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    you can load wii ware and gamecube titles straight from your s/d card using usb loader 3.0.
    here is a link to info on it but it seems pretty simple once your wii is compatible.dios-mios-lite-source-project - play Gamecube games from front SD on your Wii - Google Project Hosting or im sure there is already a thread on wii hacks for it.

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    Got it going.
    Thanks mate.


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