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Thread: Letterbomb not working on the 4.3j wii

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    Letterbomb not working on the 4.3j wii

    Hi, me again. Sorry for the bother.
    I decided to try and homebrew my old Japanese wii. it's currently on 4.3j. I downloaded Letterbomb with the correct MAC address (I checked it many times). I had the wrong date and time (still in Japan time) and fixed that, but that didn't do anything, the letter never shows up. I've gone forward and backwards in the mail thing and I can't see it anywhere. What am I doing wrong? LOL I feel like I can't follow simple instruction.

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    Here, you might give this a try:

    1. Try checking out this post: LINK!
    2. Download this link that accompanies that post: LINK!
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    Sorry, It didn't work but thanks for trying Is my wii screwed up or something? I'm using a 4GB card I have a 65MB card. is it too big? or too small?


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