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Thread: Help with games that freeze after loading, using any loader (usb loader gx,etc)

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    Help with games that freeze after loading, using any loader (usb loader gx,etc)

    Hi All,

    Something weird happened with some of my games I have in my HDD, I was able to run pretty much every game. But suddenly, some of the games like Mario Kart, Cars Mater National, etc, freeze after loading them, for example for Mario Kart, when I select a cup or something it freezes and that's it, I cannot do anything.

    I have followed the guide:
    Guide: Softmod ANY Wii

    Just to make sure I have everything up to date and working correctly. And after following the guide step by step and correctly installed, no issues at all, still some of the games are frozen again after loading them.

    Any ideas or suggestions on this, I'm not sure what else to do, do you guys think is a problem with the HDD itself?


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    Here's some new info if you'd like it:
    - Later USB Loader GX v3.0 (r1180): LINK!
    - LatEST USB Loader GX v3.0 (r1200): LINK!
    - Latest WiiFlow (r239): LINK!
    - Latest CFG Loader (r45): LINK!
    Maybe one of these will get you going eh?
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    Thanks for the reply!

    I just tried with those files you gave me (I'm assuming just need to replace the files I have in my SD), but still I have the same issue with some games...

    Any other idea?

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    Sounds like the same problem I was having a few years ago. Right before my HDD died. If it's a Maxtor or Seagate drive, try Seatools for DOS v1.1. It could help or, at the very least, tell if your drive is failing. Any other drive, you'll have to use other software to run tests on it. But I don't know of any other software that can repair bad sectors like Seatools can.

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    I got the Seatools and I run the windows version basic check and everything went well, I haven't done the advanced test as it asks to back the HDD up and haven't done that. Do I need to do the advanced test to my HDD and make sure nothing wrong with it, or the basic check is enough? Thanks!


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