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Thread: Wii MAME not loading games

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    Wii MAME not loading games

    New to the forum... Been poking around a lot trying to figure this out, but it doesn't seem that anyone is having this issue. i'm puzzled . In the HBC, I select MAME Wii v1.0 and it loads fine. I see a list of games, click on a game, but then after it loads the games, it immediately kicks me out to the HBC. The game never starts... I believe I have the correct version of the games 0.134u4 - but I'm not totally sure about that... Interestingly, If I try to load the HBB, I get an error that it can't find the homebrew list. It says that it gets an ip address from codemii, so everything looks good until that point. I mention this to see if this gives any clues. I'm starting to wonder if it's a SD card compatibility issue (I've tried several, but the one I've been using most is a 2 GB Sandisk.) Here is my file structure for the SD card:
    ->->roms (game files here)

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    Well, it looks like my issue is solved, but I can't explain how. I basically gave up getting Wii MAME to run since it wouldn't load games, and I couldn't find anything wrong with the file structure. And since no one chimed in on my post, I assumed that there was nothing obvious that I was doing wrong. So, I downloaded and installed Retroarch Wii and got that running with the FBA core. On a whim I tried to reload Wii MAME from the HBC, and it started and loaded the game on the first try. I never messed with any of the MAME Wii files on it when putting Retroarch in the apps folder. I think it probably just had something to do with a flakey SD card though I'm still using the same card. Maybe getting Retroarch going somehow "unlocked" the card since it has to write files on the card when it first runs??? I guess it could also be a flakey card slot on the Wii. Regardless, it's working fine now. Go figure...


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