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Thread: Selling Black Wii (Bricked/Needs Reprogramed(no GC ports))

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    Selling Black Wii (Bricked/Needs Reprogramed(no GC ports))

    I have a Black Wii I stupidly Bricked beyond my ability to repair looking for a buyer.
    OR buying the service of someone that can reprogram it for less then 80$ total(cost of a refurbished one from GS)
    Message me with a price(for the Wii or for repairs)
    Ill post some pics tomorrow but the case is clean and it worked fine before a cooking momma channel forwarder for my niece borked it.
    Kinda looking for anything 80$+shipping or more so I can buy another one but almost anything to offset the cost would be gladly accepted
    (stupid offers will be responed to with pictures of LOL cats You Have Been Warned)
    1 Black Brick (of the Wii verity) (makes a good door stop or paper weight too!)
    Sensor bar, Power, and RCA cords (if you want them)
    The good feeling inside that you helped me avoid the constant nagging from my sister and her kids!
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    Not really interested, but could you be more specific with your brick problem?
    How bad is it?
    There are plenty of guides/tutorials available to help you recover. I'm sure someone in IRC would even help walk you through it. But it all depends...
    Do you have access to Bootmii (or Priiloader), do you have the nand.bin and keys.bin? If not, then I believe you truly have a permanent brick on your hands.
    And I don't think anyone would be interested in an $80 brick. Maybe 50 or less dollars just for the spare parts, but even then it would be hard to find a buyer.
    Good luck.

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    I have the key and nand and will supply them if needed but other then that yes its a perma brick no priiloader and it is a new wii with no GC ports so no recovery menu. This is more for people who can reprogram it and restore it. Also it can be used for parts and its at least worth 50$ in parts alone DVD drive is still good as is the WiFi and Bluetooth. Like I said Id like to get the 80$ but I'm not expecting too. I'd take 50$ happily.
    Although I did see something somewhere about restoring the gamecube ports and I do have a old gamecube I'm willing to butcher but my skills with a soldering iron are about as good as my ability to follow directions and we have seen where that got me. Thanks for trying to help though I do honestly appreciate it!

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    Us i can repair it for free if you pay shipping there and back

    i can repair your bricked wii if u pay shipping there and back i got alotof experience fixingbricked wii fixed mine with a simlar probleamif intersted pm or reply this post

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    i can too!


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