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Thread: need help with a pal game.

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    need help with a pal game.

    i tried using the search function like the rules said but i didn't have much luck.

    i have a soft modded black wii and i just got my pal copy of pandora's tower in the mail today the game loads and plays but (this is a bit hard to explain) i get these lines going across the screen, the best way i can describe it is like a card that has a shifting image when you move it, those kind of lines but with out the shifting image. i tried using the backup disc channel, gecko OS and neogamma with force ntsc and wii turned on and i even used the other options in the region settings but nothing changed.

    would anyone be able to help?

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    never mind i think its the cable when i have the hd 420p turned on (the last thing i thought to check).
    can a mod delete this thread?
    im sorry if i wasted any ones time.


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