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Thread: Problem with softmoding

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    Problem with softmoding

    I bought a brand new white wii version 4.3 e. I was trying to softmoding it. I have not any problems with installing HBC & Bootmii. Than I tried to install WAD - but when I open Multi mod Manager my wii remote immediately shut down and I can’t do anything else. Does anybody help me?

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    u need an older wiimote, one that dosent have motion plus built in. MMM dosent like them.
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    When reading through this document; you SHOULD do this in the following order:
    *I've got some friends with Wii's and I'm betting you should to. Get to a normal wii-mote, and redo this area Follow this thoroughly
    [spoiler="Softmod ANY Wii Rip-out "]
    Part 2- Install Priiloader (brick protection, you need this)

    Normally we do not recommend installing a beta, however Priiloader is a must have for any modded Wii! Since 0.7 is not compatible with the TR motion plus remotes, we have decided to include 0.8 beta 4 for those who do not have access to an older Wii remote. If possible, we recommend installing 0.7. If you have a TR remote and do not have access to a non-TR remote, install 0.8 beta 4.
    Installation instructions are the same for both versions.
    [spoiler=How can I tell if I have a TR remote?]
    Since the original post by TheInfamousTheft, many applications have been recompiled to work with these new remotes. All of the apps in this guide support these remotes, except Priiloader 0.7.
    Original post HERE. Thanks toTheInfamousTheft for keeping us in the loop as these apps were recompiled![/spoiler]
    2) Once you get that done, take your friend's Wii-Mote back to his/her's house, lol.
    3) Continue from here
    *Note: Since it IS necessary to get your wii remote running, it is ok to overwrite the old files with the one presented in the spoiler
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    [spoiler="Skeptical?"]Everytime I update u on a post, I download ALL of the files I need to help you install, and head straight to my wii to test them... I put my system at risk to help you out, so if I seem unsure, I'll get there... Don't criticize.
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