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Thread: 1.4.4 system update knocked out my flashcart

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    1.4.4 system update knocked out my flashcart

    plz help... i have a r4i card from 1.4.3 version. its now not working on my dsxl. ive searched and tried differnt downloads and im not getting it right. please can u reply on here with the exact things i need to download and hopefully a link for me to find the correct version of the update. im a bit lost here and confusing myself with what i need to do.

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    ok so i have downloaded the lastest update (i think) and now when i put it into my dsi to try and upgrade on the config settings it says "to enable upgrade fature please restore "r4imenu/fashr4i" file ??? so what so i do now? my flashcart works on th dsi but still not my dsxl. my flashcart is from r4i-sdhc-com it is the black and silver card with r4i v1.4.3
    thank you

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    can you tell me where did you download the udpate file or firmware for your card, because i can not access the official site
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