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Thread: Config loader covers issue

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    Config loader covers issue

    Hi everyone. I hope someone here can help me. I'm a somewhat noob with Wii softmodding and such. Here is what I know, For the past year, using Usb Loader GX was flawless. Everything worked great. No issues. About a month ago, the covers and disc art vanished. I went back and re donloaded them. But, they still didn't show up nor were they on the SD card. I tinkered and made sure everything was configed properly and finally decided to install and use Config loader. Same thing. Games load and run just great. But, the art will not download. I keep getting an error message. Either, HTTP no data found or could not write to SD. The card is not locked and the wii is hooked up the net...Sorry for the long post, this has become frustrating. Everything but the artwork works just great...Oh yeah, running the newest version of both of the loaders, wii is 4.3U and cios 249... Thank you so much.
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    Here is what I have tried...using a different SD card, reinstalling both loaders/different, older versions. Changes the path, in bot loaders, that it would find the covers, etc. I used the configurator USB config loader. I haven't manually downloaded the art from the web and put it into the SD yet. I am actually being lazy/hopeful of having the loader do the dirty work for me...It used to work/download just fine...Thank you again.

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    Here's a decent idea.
    [spoiler="PLAN - A"]
    1) Take your SD Card to your PC
    2) Find the folder under SD:\usbloader\ or something similar to this.
    3) Take this file, and simply delete it.
    *Note: I know this sounds dumb, but this is a cache file folder, and it sto's away all of your images, load paths and everything here it's safe to delete.
    4) After deleting, navigate to the folder SD:\apps\USBLoader_GX\ or one that seems similar in that nature (i.e. USBLOADERGX, Usb_Loader_GX, etc.)
    5) Delete any other files other than:
    - boot.dol - save it!
    - meta.xml - save it!
    - icon.png - save it!
    *Note: Again, these files are the basis for your USB Loader loads, the others are safe to delete
    6) Try downloading your covers again Hope this helps

    [spoiler="PLAN - B"]1) If this fails, download this .dol file: LINK!
    3) Place it in the directory named:
    - SD:\apps\USBLoader_GX\
    4) Try that afterwards, but you may need to complete steps 1-6 up-top to delete any new cache data that's created when the file is run again
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    Very awesome. Thank you so much. i will try this out tonight and get back with you. I hadn't read any of these steps anywhere else. thank you again.

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    Amazing. Worked like a charm. I assume that .DOL file is a new version of the loader...Works great. Thank you again.


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