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Thread: Softmod tutorial says not to update from Nintendo...but how then?

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    Softmod tutorial says not to update from Nintendo...but how then?

    Sorry to be a noob, but...

    If not from N, how do I update my console?

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    Follow any wii guide by Mauifrog. You will find there how to update your IOS and cIOS that you will be able to play any game you want to
    You don't need any other update (despite updates for MW3 - but just follow this thread)

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    Maybe I'm missing something.

    I want to do letterbomb and I need 4.3. Can I just run the update from N or do I need to download a file somewhere?

    The author seems pretty serious with his warning "Never Ever Ever Update Your Wii From Nintendo". Is this just for after you've softmodded?

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    If you want to update your Wii to 4.3 you can use update function or game disc but you don't need to. Following Mauifrog guide you will have all necessary IOSes up to date.

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    ...but I can't letterbomb until I upgrade to 4.3, right? Should I just do that online?

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    There are other ways to run hackmii
    3.0-4.1 Banner Bomb v1
    4.0-4.2 Banner Bomb v2

    or maybe you have older wii than 3.0 ?

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    If you have not soft modded your wii then yes its totally fine to update all the way to 4.3 and then use letterbomb to mod

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    Thanks all. I think I'm straight on this. Going to go through the wii softmod tutorial now.


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