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Thread: I'd like to sell my wii back to gamestop. How do I unroot it?

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    I'd like to sell my wii back to gamestop. How do I unroot it?

    I "rooted" (idk if thats even the right phrase) my wii and installed things like homebrew and all the SNES games etc...
    I also can play burned dvd games on it, it's hacked or whatever.

    Anyways, I'd like to sell it back to gamestop- I'd like to get 60 bucks for my wii, that's all.

    How do I unhack my wii without bricking it?


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    The term you must be referring to/confusing this with, is the Linux/Unix term "root/(ing)", which in all reality is the same idea, different word. HOWEVER, moving on, there is a guide to check out listed here: LINK!
    *NOTE!: Be weary though that AS MENTIONED there is ALWAYS a chance to brick your wii, whether it be in "softmodding" it or removing the "softmod" BUT just take heed that there is definitely risk involved.

    REMEMBER: There is definitely a "search" button, use it wisely
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    I'm not going to risk bricking my wii. I'm just going to sell it on craigslist methinks. Thank you for the warning, angel


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