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Thread: Usb port 0 not working?

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    Question Usb port 0 not working?

    So my USB Port 0 doesn't work. I've tryed Flash Drives, Hard Drives, Mics, Keyboards, but its broken lol. Idk how its broke but I guess I bought it that way along time ago. I read somewhere that you can solder a male USB on to the USB to get it to work but idk if I wanna do that YET. I was wondering is there anyway to get USB port 1 to read my HDD. So basically i'm trying to get ideas on how I can fix it. Do I need to solder a connector on or is there a way for USB port 1 to read my HDD. Any help would be grateful Thanks.

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    Are you currently using a softmodded wii? Or are you trying to just use other peripherals? Does port 1 not work? Because some loaders (i.e. Usb loa partder gx, loads from and functions) from port 1. Try using port one for some applications. for the majority of the part, breaking into ANYTHING electrical is a pain, especially this wii, needing the three-point semi-phillips screwdriver, is pretty harsh

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    Yes my Wii is softmodded. Port 1 works perfect for my HDD. I can go into the homebrew channel and it sees my wiiflow, usbloader gx, wad manager and stuff like that. Its just USB port 0 doesn't work so as of right now I have no way to launch my games. Unless I fix for port 0 or I can get port 1 to read my games and play them. My HDD is partitioned. Half is games and 5gb is fat32 for covers and apps and stuff.


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