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Thread: Games often freeze, long time to load on external HDD

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    Games often freeze, long time to load on external HDD

    I've been using an old 500 MB external USB harddrive to store games/info for my softmodded Wii. I love it because of the space, but any games running off of it tend to run extremely slowly or will eventually freeze. I'm unsure if it's just the make of the drive, the software, or the drive just plain dying. Most Wii games that I play for more than 10-30 minutes will hard freeze and I will have to restart my system. This also happens with emulators. Sometimes it will appear like the Wii just can't read what's on the drive, and apps will fail to appear in the Homebrew channel and I have to end up unplugging it and letting the drive sit for awhile. It's an older model of the Western Digital MyBook. Has anybody else has similar issues? Should I just get a new drive, and if so, what brand would you recommend?

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    Oops, sorry I'm late. Here's the check.


    I have a feeling it's the drive. I've had issues using it on my PC before, but who knows. Regardless, what's the diagnosis?

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    I am sure that yohr hdd is fine. The problem is that your cios are stubbed. You will need to softmod your wii again. Follow the softmod any wii guide!

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    Alright, thanks! I don't have to uninstall my current softmod, do I? Just reinstall it over top?

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    The Hackmii installer doesn't show up in the Homebrew Channel but WiiMod does, would you know anything about that or should I try asking in the guide thread?

    Edit: Nevermind, SmashStack worked fine.

    Edit #2: Thanks a lot, Toby! It works perfectly now.
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