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Thread: Can't install Any Programs on Homebrew Channel

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    Angry Can't install Any Programs on Homebrew Channel

    When ever I try to install a program, i get the screen of the program when i load it from Homebrew, but my WiiMote disconnects, and the wii freezes with the disk drive glowing blue. I can't install any programs what so ever. I have fully charged batteries and have fully synced my wiimotes. Any Ideas of whats going on and how to fix it?

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    So, say you try to load USB Loader GX, and it'll freeze after the load?
    What happens if you try to launch say MMM/any WAD Installer?
    Can you access your SD Card contents on your PC?
    (If you can, if you'd download this package, follow it's walkthrough, and repost, I'll try to help.)
    Can you access priiloader?
    Could you post a syscheck? If you need a small run through of a syscheck, here's this:

    Quick SysCheck

    Hope to help you out with this issue! And sorry about the 21-questions, just trying to find out all I can


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