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Thread: Netflix and wii shop channel! Newb ALERT!

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    Netflix and wii shop channel! Newb ALERT!

    I have modded my 4.3u will using the softmod any wii guide about two months ago. I've installed DM2.2 as well. I have some concerns about Netflix as there is a huge discussion about it and I can't seem to find answers to my questions in it. In the Softmod my Wii guide I did NOT update my wii shop channel.

    Is it safe to download Netflix from the wii shop? I installed priiloader to block updates. Also, what is the point of the wii shop v20 download?

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    If you can open the Wii Shop channel without it telling you there is a newer version. Then you don't need to update it. It is safe to download and use Netflix from the Shop Channel.

    The shop channel update is for those that don't have the latest version.


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