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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Demo [Custom Models]

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Demo [Custom Models]

    Hey everyone! I'm proud to announce we have made our first ever release from Super Mario Galaxy 2.5:

    You can download the level by clicking the link for the demo installer (or the direct download) in the description of the video below:

    You may notice that the trailer feature custom models, a new feature for the hack. We're hoping that as the model importer becomes easier to use, everyone can start making their own Mario 3D levels.

    I hope you all enjoy playing it, and any feedback would be fantastic! As always, if any of you want to join, you can do so at .

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    Wow, that is mighty impressive. Didn't think I'd see the day where we could mod in entirely new levels into Galaxy 2. I can't wait to make my own, either.


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