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Thread: backup color problem

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    backup color problem

    hi everyone,i made a mario power tennis backup,and when i loaded it through neogamma,it was black and white!no colors at all!i was playing through the levels and changing characters and i messed with the options too,but i couldnt get the color of the game to play,other than that the game was normally functioning.i dont know what the problem is,but any help would be appreciated.
    ps:if it helps,my original mario power tennis cd was too damages so i couldnt rip the iso off it,i had to download a mario power tennis iso off the internet....(and i made sure it was the wii version)

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    Quote Originally Posted by placebooooo View Post
    (and i made sure it was the wii version)
    But you did not make sure it was the same region as your wii. Your loader settings can fix that or get a game for your region.

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    The way to tell of the game is the same region as your Wii is to check the file folder name [xxxU##] [xxxE##] [xxxJ##] and [xxxP##] which correspond to (U)nited States, (E)nglish, (J)apanese, (P)AL/European. Some games are designated as region-free, however display ONE of these characters. If unsure, Wii Game backup Manager tells you exactly WHAT region the files are when you load the drive contents. Once you find the rejoin of the game, alter the settings for that individual file to: NTSC (United states/North American), PAL 50 hz/PAL 60 hz (European/Japanese [depending on frequency chosen, the screen may flicker upwards or downwards if the frequency is incorrect]).

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