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Thread: Totally lost... WhatToDo??

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    Question Totally lost... WhatToDo??

    I decided to do this "simple" softmodding thing myself. Yesterday I threw myself out into this and now I am getting confused
    I started out upgrading the Wii to version 4.3 E because I thought it was the best. It is a version 1.1.0, IOS58 v24.32
    I started to make the letterbomb mod and I've installed HBC and BootMii - then I ran the BootMii and it was all perfect. But it did not have either DVDx or Trucha Bug Rebooter (or what it's called? Something like that ) Uhm.. I knew I needed a USB loader and found one (GX) and installed it successfully, so now it is on the HBC - as the only app!!! Then I found a ModPack with WiiMC instead of DVDx and tried to install it as the guide said, but it hasn't shown up on the HBC?? I've downloaded some games from isohunt and websites like that (torrents) and I use uTorrent, so I've got the games - as rar-files. I read somewhere that I needed a program to make them into ISO-files, so I've found the WBFS Manager, but I can't figure out how to use it... It says that the drive can't be formated ALL THE TIME!
    SO! Here's my questions:
    1. Is there a dirrerence between the files laying in a folder on my SD card or at the root of it?
    2. Can I use the NUS program to get the IOS's and the CIOS's that my USB launcher tells me that I need to get to my USB when it is inserted? Is it harmful just to download all of the IOS and CIOS (I think: then the Wii can manage it all MUHAHAHA But on the other side I read that it is very powerful, so I don't want to brick the Wii!)
    3. How do I get the games to the Wii (convert them)? On the website where I found the WBFS Manager, it said that the Wii could also convert them itself (or something like that?), but when I plug the USB stick into the Wii and choose the USB loader, it says that it needs the cIOS 222 or 245-250. Can I get that with the NUS program?? Or is it too dangerous???
    Please help me, I really wanna do this soooo bad!!! Now I've come this far and I really don't wanna give up!!! Thank you!

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