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Thread: How to turn Wii power off from Wiimote

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    How to turn Wii power off from Wiimote

    How do I turn Wii off from Wiimote powerbutton? It keeps putting Wii to standby mode(Yellow led). I want it to go to off mode(Red Led) so my HDD does not spin while I'm not using Wii. I could not figure it out by searching different settings ie. priiloaders. Also I could not find any answer by searching forums.

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    Go to the wii icon and click it to get in to the options, then click wii settings , then go to Wii System Settings...Now click on the WiiConnect24, Then go click the Standby Connection and turn it off.

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    I always wondered why that never worked. My hdd always remains active on standby and will reduce its lifespan. Once I get home I'm changing this immediately!


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    That's awesome! Thanks Jax


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