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Thread: Is there a new system update? - bypassing system update

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    Question Is there a new system update? - bypassing system update

    Firstly, pardon my English, I'm not a native speaker. Secondly, I'm terribly nooby but I did search on this site for my problem but nothing turned up, so forgive me if I missed it.
    Alright, so I haven't used my Wii Fit plus game for a couple days, but I did play Animal Crossing earlier, no problems. I put my Wii Fit disc in and I couldn't play it, a message came up saying that I had to upgrade the system to use the game. My wii is softmodded but it is on menu 4.3, and it's pretty current.. unless there was an update I missed.
    I checked Nintendo's site and 4.3 is the last listed update. If I update my system, will I only lose the homebrew channel? I have the hbc, the hbc browser, apps and my game's backed up on my computer so assuming that my wii is back on 4.3, I can just re-mod it and everything should work? Is there any way I can turn off the internet connection so it doesn't ask me to update?
    I'm so confused and I want to use the wii fit. Maybe Nintendo found out that I hacked my wii and it's trying to clean it out.
    Any insight you could offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Just DON'T update.You'll f$^% it up if you update

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    I believe there was another update after 4.3, people are calling it 4.3.1. It does nothing to improve your wii, it's quite possibly Nintendo's final thrust in an effort to stop modders. Use Priiloader to stop disc and system updates and you will be fine.

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    They also push out some new motherboard revisions.To prevent HBC from running properly(Now fixed by hackmii),for example newer wii w gamecube port and family edition

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    Thank you all for responding. I just got this wii and updated it to 4.3 maybe 3 or so weeks ago, so an update after that is fishy. Darn Nintendo. I'll try priiloader, thanks for the idea Lobo. If it doesn't work I'll just put wii fit on my external and play it off of back up. Thanks again.


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