Hi Gang,

I admit I'm rookie, but I did make sure to research and follow the guides.

First, I did use the Wiihacks guide to softmod the wii.
Everything works fine.

Until, today when adding a game (insert disc and add via usb gameloader, never had a problem with that method before). It's a newer game, (I guess a few months in release).

loading only that game gives the black screen and 001 error:
error 001 unauthorized device has been detected
everything else is fine.

So I did my research:
Unauthorized Device Detected: Most likely outdated firmware for your modchip. Possibly an outdated or missing IOS. Update to latest ios249(cIOS249 [56] d2x-v6)

So I researched for the latest version of IOS249 and found version 8, and followed it's guide:

All installed fine.
But still, this one game gives the 001 error

I ran syscheck and here is some date.
Please help with any advice (I'll need steps, if possible)

Thanks very much

System Menu: 4.0/4.1U (v54449)
Priiloader installed
Homebrew 1.0.0 running on IOS58 (I keep changing to 249, but it always goes to 58. but I guess that's just homebrew)
Hollywood v0x11
Boot2 v4
found 54 IOS, 5 of them are stub

IOS249[56] (rev 21008, info: d2x-v8final):Tucha bug, NAND Access, USB 2.0

BC v6
MIOS v65535