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Thread: PriiLoader and USB Loader GX forwarder

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    PriiLoader and USB Loader GX forwarder

    I followed the guide here and everything worked fine, I installed Priiloader .7. As I was trying out the loaders I went to into Priiloader and installed the .dol for USE configurable loader and it boot straight into it and everything works fine. But when I did the same thing but tried to set it to autoboot into USB Loader GX, the wii just sits there and does nothing. I did a google search and found someone else with the same issue and someone uploaded an older .dol to use, so I tried it and not it tries to boot but just keeps flashing the logo. I also tried going to the USB Loader GX website and loading the newest dol and doesnt work either. Ant ideas? Thanks

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    Here's the deal. Forwarders [.wads] need to match the actual applications running the games or HBC apps (/apps/USBLoader_GX/boot.dol). Are you sure you're not installing a channel [.wad] as well?

    Here's a short explanation from the site:


    What I would do would be to check out this site: HERE, and this list of googlecode installations HERE.


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