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Thread: Renaming WBFS Files

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    Renaming WBFS Files

    Hi is it possible to rename WBFS files so they read properley on hard drive and wii?

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    Exactly what are we looking for here:
    Scenario 1:
    - PC Loads games list in wbfs folder, but game names look solely like: [SMNE01] or [RK5E01] etc
    [Incorrect PC Filename Display]
    Scenario 2:
    - Wii Loads games in WiiFlow/USB Loader etc, and displays "SUPER MARIO GALAXY SB4E01" or simply "MARIO" etc.
    [Incorrect Wii Data Display]
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    Mine is doing this:
    Loading "Guitar Hero 5" and displaying "Bio Hazard 0" :l
    How can I change the name and the ID to the proper ones?

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    Try this program Wii Iso Renamer V3, just extract it and it will become clear on how to use it.

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    Thanks man! It works great
    Do you know if there's a tool like that that works directly on WBFS's?


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